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What is Sutra/Sutra.LA/SutraNexus/Sutra Live?

SUTRA NEXUS (Knowledge Network) is a Domain Registrar and hosting company that also serves as the parent company to its creative design and ad agency branch SUTRA LIVE. SUTRA NEXUS primarily sells domains, hosting, email marketing systems, office tools like domain emails/calendar/online storage and fax-thru-email as well as its own drag-n-drop website builder, Managed WordPress product, and Quick Shopping Cart for online stores. In addition, SUTRA NEXUS also sells SSL Certificates, Website Security & Monitoring, VPS & Dedicated Hosting, as well as Dedicated IP Addresses. All of these products come with 24 hour American-based support 365 days a year. SUTRA NEXUS sells products and platforms primarily developed by Starfield Technologies, Inc. The 24 hour sales and support number for SUTRA NEXUS store products is (480) 624-2500

For more information on these and other products by SUTRA NEXUS, please visit our new simplified yet comprehensive FAQ Resource Center via SUTRA NEXUS FAQs section HERE


SUTRA.LA aka "SUTRA LIVE" is a Southern California creative web and print design studio and advertising agency owned and ran by SUTRA NEXUS CORPORATION that sells products and services such as web design, mobile app design, shopping cart design, dating and community social network design, CRM design, as well as advertising and marketing service such as: Pay-Per-Click, organic, local, and commercial SEO/SEM/SMM, Online Reputation Management & Review building for businesses, logo and business card design, social media management, and ala cart services such as flex hours, link, malware, spyware, virus clean up on hosted sites, blog and article writing, copyrighting, branding, business consulting, video creation and marketing.

All products and services by SUTRA.LA/SUTRA LIVE come with business hour support Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm PST only. Fridays and Saturdays may serve as appointment days on a case-by-case basis.  Sales calls are taken 6 days a week from 9am-5pm PST. All of SUTRA.LA/SUTRA LIVE services are FULL SERVICE oriented. In other words, any DIY or turnkey shoppers and businesses can refer to SUTRA NEXUS online store for domains and hosting if you simply need products for your project WITHOUT creative services.

NOTE**** Most FAQs regarding service details and purpose are usually answered within emailed proposals sent to individual potential clients.

How Much does Your Services Cost?

Unlike SUTRA NEXUS domain and hosting store, SUTRA.LA and SUTRA LIVE does not have set pricing simply because we service businesses and individuals of all industries. The needs for design, development, advertising, and marketing vary from client to client. All of our Agency services are custom tailored to fit our clients specifically. If you would like more information or a free quote, call our Agency at (949) 954-3239.

What is "SUTRA LOTUS"?

SUTRA LOTUS is the design and development label of SUTRA.LA and SUTRA LIVE that offers web design, mobile app design, online store design, custom dating/membership/community/social network design, logo design, and limited print media design. Recently SUTRA LOTUS also began offering video creation as well. SUTRA LOTUS does not handle any marketing or advertising.

You can view more on SUTRA LOTUS including a portion of its massive portfolio HERE.

What is "SUTRA KARMA"?

SUTRA KARMA is the service and product label of SUTRA.LA and SUTRA LIVE that offers advertising, marketing, branding, Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media management, social media marketing, video marketing, content marketing, remarketing, and lead generation. As part of the SUTRA KARMA service, all clients receive a login dashboard area SEPARATE FROM SUTRA NEXUS domain and hosting login that enables them to view their campaign data and stats including integration of their Google PPC and Analytics accounts as well as Facebook and Linkedin.

You can view more about SUTRA KARMA HERE.


SUTRA MANTRA is a service & product label of SUTRA.LA and SUTRA LIVE that offers ORM = Online Reputation Management services for businesses great and small. It also acts as a review builder with campaigns designed to enhance and increase business reviews on a variety of partnered review and business directory sites. This service also has a separate dashboard login area. Since this is a full service product that allows business owners to manage customers and weekly reports through their emails or in house, a dashboard is not required. However, SUTRA MANTRA does offer a dashboard by request for an additional fee.


What is "SUTRA BODHI"?

SUTRA BODHI is our executive label that acts as TWO primary service and product functions:

The First is our SUTRA BODHI Agency Platform that acts as a Partner or Reseller Program. It allows businesses of all sizes to instantly become a SUTRA NEXUS Private Label Reseller providing businesses with wholesale or "buy rate" pricing on all products the business would be reselling. The Partner & Reseller is provided with an instant store front preloaded with domains, hosting, and other products for sale with default pricing which they can customize. The business has the ability to set their own pricing to sell to other businesses and individuals.

In addition, Partners and Resellers instantly receive several free credits for the same products they are reselling to use for themselves at no additional cost. Plus, all Partner and Resellers are provided with 24 hour support which they can offer to their own customers.

For more information about the SUTRA BODHI AGENCY PLATFORM visit SutraBodhi.com


The Second part of the SUTRA BODHI label is that SUTRA BODHI also serves as a commercial and executive "off-the-menu" entity for larger more demanding corporations and businesses. SUTRA BODHI may be commissioned for software development, hardware brokerage, financial systems, and other specialty contracted projects apart from the norms of SUTRA NEXUS, SUTA.LA, and SUTRA LIVE.  This section of SUTRA BODHI has no website and thus all inquiries are encouraged

to contact (949) 954-3239 for more information regarding SUTRA BODHI EXECUTIVE SERVICES.


All of the above is owned and ran by the SUTRA NEXUS CORPORATION which in itself is owned by IMPERIAL ALLIANCE CORPORATION.